A New BuVu Era

These Minutes of an irregularly scheduled meeting of the Board of BuFoons speak volumes:

20. 11-18-17-Minutes-of-Meeting (Corrected)


As was reported last week, stuff is afoot. We now have two new, enthusiastic BuFoon/Directors, David Wayne Johnson and Peter Wiant, chock-full of ideas to deepen the Mystery of this fanciful union of Buddhism and Vudun (voodoo), as envisioned by our Founder, Niels Holm, and foreshadowed by our Prophet, Diana Joseph.

Watch this space.

Further into The Mystery we go …
BuFoon Steve Gillard

There Is a God

B Is for Beer: The Musical

Although The Church of BuVu does not have a precise epistemology (“Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.”), my own personal epistemology was just given a boost by learning that there will be a production of “B Is for Beer: The Musical”, in LA, in November of this year.

If this show also plays in Seattle, I am prepared to take a stand: There is a God, and He/She heard my prayers.

BuFoon Steve Gillard